Cyber Security 101

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Cyber Security 101

Do you know the difference between Cybersecurity & IT?
->IT is responsible for your infrastructure.
->Cybersecurity is responsible for your data transit security.
Including finding vulnerabilities on websites, email systems & your work or home network.


Cybersecurity awareness training goes well beyond sending employees phishing emails and hoping they learn what email not to click on. They first must understand what they are protecting. Let our interactive cyber awareness training help them to understand the landscape of cybersecurity which will help them to protect your assets.

Cyber Security affects everyone. Anyone – from individuals and small companies to government agencies and global enterprises – using a computer, digital or mobile device, as well as any other system or process connected to the internet of things, may fall victim to a cyber attack. All employees MUST be trained to help in the global fight against cybercriminals. Employees play a key role in this fight. They are often the last line of defense. They can also be your weakness link if they are not properly trained to understand what they are protecting.