Individual Courses


Cyber-Ed For Computer

Most security-related training courses and documentation discuss the implementation of a principle that will reduce the risk of a hacker taking over your laptop or desktop. If this process is used it can eliminate the risk of ransomware and most malicious activity on endpoints. This principle applies to computers


Cyber-Ed For Home

-Get a system that blocks malicious activities on all your smart devices like FireTV
-Separate family devices into groups of trusted and untrusted for better security
-Control and manage your updates and easily patch backdoor on your router
-Save Up To $150 Per Year From Your Cable Company And Get Better Cyber Security Protection


Cyber Security 101

Cybersecurity awareness training goes well beyond sending employees phishing emails and hoping they learn what email not to click on. They first must understand what they are protecting. Let our interactive cyber awareness training help them to understand the landscape of cybersecurity which will help them to

Free For Exes & Management

Management Cyber-Ed

Key Takeaways From The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report For C-Suite Executives:
C-suite executives are being extensively targeted by cybercriminals and for good reason. They are likely to have high-level privileges, so their accounts and credentials are more valuable. Compromised email accounts can be used for social engineering.

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