Can Your Employees Recognize Risks?

Employees are your eyes and ears on the ground. Every device they use, the emails they receive, and the programs they open may contain malicious codes or viruses in the form of Phishing, Spoofing, Whaling/Business Email Compromise (BEC), Spam, Key Loggers, Zero-Days Exploits and Social Engineering Attacks. For companies to mobilize their employees as a force against attacks, they must offer all employees cybersecurity awareness training. Cyber Security Consulting Ops awareness training goes beyond sending employees phishing emails and hoping they learn what emails are not to click on. They first must understand what they are protecting. Let our interactive cyber awareness training help your employees understand the landscape of scams and social engineering used by criminals so they can protect your assets.

Cyber Education Interactive Courses

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Identify your team’s greatest areas of risk and increase employee knowledge around cybersecurity best practices. Protect your business from breaches caused by human errors. With the rise in cybercrime affecting businesses and organizations of all sizes, it is extremely important to bring your employees up to speed to help your business or organization hold off malicious actors. Training can be a lunch and learn or done over time.

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Protected: Network+

Master the essentials of cybersecurity with Network+. Explore network architecture, protocols, and defense strategies. Obtain a certified skillset to excel in protecting digital infrastructures.

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Protected: ITF+

Start your cybersecurity journey with ITF+. Learn fundamental concepts, security protocols, and best practices. Lay a strong foundation in safeguarding digital landscapes.

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Protected: Security+

“Launch your cybersecurity awareness skills with Security+ training. Learn vital skills in risk management, and network security. Get certified and stand out in the dynamic world of digital protection.”


PCI Compliance

Merchants are required to validate and report their compliance to their merchant processor to ensure they remain compliant and avoid potential non-compliance fees. PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards are set as a guideline for businesses that handle consumer credit card data to follow set rules to protect data and privacy.


Securing Remote Work Environment

Discover effective strategies for remote work and cyber education. Explore how organizations worldwide implement remote policies for seamless operations, building on years of remote work expertise.


Remote Workforce Cyber-Ed

With the rapid escalation of COVID-19, organizations are having to rapidly adapt to limit contact and person-to-person contamination. Over the past several weeks, organizations around the world have instituted remote, work-from-home policies. While some organizations have maintained a robust remote work structure for years,

HIPAA Compliance Icon Graphic

HIPAA Compliance Training

Equip healthcare providers for HIPAA compliance. Learn to safeguard valuable patient data, fortify systems on a budget, secure medical devices, and educate staff against online threats. Uncover and mitigate cyber risks effectively.


Cybersecurity For Home

Many people live in homes filled with internet-capable devices that they rely on every day. As relied upon as these devices are, little is done to understand how the network layout works. Protecting these devices from cybersecurity threats is an easy way to safeguard those inside your smart home.


Cyber-Ed For Computer

Most security-related training courses and documentation discuss the implementation of a principle that will reduce the risk of a hacker taking over your laptop or desktop. If this process is used it can eliminate the risk of ransomware and most malicious activity on endpoints. This principle applies to computers

Free For Exes & Management

Management Cyber-Ed

Key Takeaways From The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report For C-Suite Executives:
C-suite executives are being extensively targeted by cybercriminals and for good reason. They are likely to have high-level privileges, so their accounts and credentials are more valuable. Compromised email accounts can be used for social engineering.


Cyber Security 101

Cybersecurity awareness training goes well beyond sending employees phishing emails and hoping they learn what email not to click on. They first must understand what they are protecting. Let our interactive cyber awareness training help them to understand the landscape of cybersecurity which will equip them with the knowledge necessary to protect their cyber presence.

Free For Exes & Management

Cyber Education for Management

Key Takeaways From The 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report For Senior Executives:
Senior executives are being extensively targeted by cybercriminals and for good reason. They are more likely to have high-level privileges within their companies, so their accounts and credentials are more valuable to some.


Mobile Device Cyber Education

Without the proper precautions, mobile devices can be easily looted for the information held inside. Having an easily portable device with built-in defenses is great. Knowing how to protect each of these devices is even better.


Smart Home Cyber Education

Smart devices in your home help make everyday tasks easier. Smart devices will continue to grow throughout the years, so it’s important to know how to secure your device safety in your home to avoid possible cyber threats.


Point-Of-Sale Cyber-Ed

“Master the art of Point-of-Sale Cybersecurity with our comprehensive course. Gain insights into securing transactions, preventing data breaches, and fortifying your business against evolving cyber risks. Enroll now for enhanced protection.”

Actionable Training

The purpose of Learning and Development is to provide employees with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop current skills to apply them to both their workplace and their lives.

Interesting Quizzes

Our cybersecurity quizzes are made up of well-researched and interesting quiz questions, each Cyber Security quiz here will test your awareness. Learn something new about Cyber Security with every question you attempt.

Premium Material

Turn your employees into a strong last line of defense against today’s cyber attacks. Our content and training are based on real-world experience and are personalized to individuals’ needs to be efficient for end-users to complete to reduce risk at every level of your organization.