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Mobile Device Cyber Education

Did you know that mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even smart watches are considered microcomputers? Another name for mobile devices, this technology is more powerful than the supercomputers of our past in our pockets, bags and on our wrists.Even with all of our modern advancements, these machines are still vulnerable to ever-evolving tech-intruders. One should consider the risks involved with owning a mobile device as powerful and information-laden as these. 

Attacks that can be executed against mobile attacks can be organized into four different categories- Mobile Application Security Threats, Web-Based Mobile Security Threats, Mobile Network Security Threats, and Mobile Device Security Threats. With an array of threats that your valuable devices could be susceptible to, protecting these devices can not be as simple as giving them a four-digit passcode. Without the proper precautions, these devices can be looted for the information held inside. Having an easily portable device with built-in defenses is great. Knowing how to protect each of these devices is even better.