Mobile Device Cyber Education

Mobile Device Cyber Education Did you know that mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even smart watches are considered microcomputers? Another name for mobile devices, this technology is more powerful than the supercomputers of our past in our pockets, bags and on our wrists.Even with all of our modern advancements, these machines are still vulnerable to […]

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Cyber Security 101

Cyber Security 101 Do you know the difference between Cybersecurity & IT? ->IT is responsible for your infrastructure. ->Cybersecurity is responsible for your data transit security. Including finding vulnerabilities on websites, email systems & your work or home network. ============================================================================================== Cybersecurity awareness training goes well beyond sending employees phishing emails and hoping they learn what

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Cybersecurity For Home

  Cyber Security Ed For Home Course Description Many people live in homes filled with internet-capable devices that they rely on every day. As relied upon as these devices are, little is done to understand how the network layout works. Protecting these devices from cybersecurity threats is an easy way to safeguard those inside your

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Cyber Education for Management

  Course Description What do you think would happen to your company’s reputation and finances if a lawsuit came against you because your company unintentionally divulged Personally Identifiable Information (PII), as it was stolen during a data breach?  Does your company provide annual or more frequent cybersecurity education and training to your company senior executives,

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Securing Remote Work Environment

Securing Remote Work Environment -> Securing Remote Work Environments: Protecting Against Emerging Cyber Threats <- In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations have undergone significant transformations to accommodate remote work arrangements and ensure business continuity. While some companies have long embraced remote work structures, others have rapidly shifted towards remote operations, presenting both opportunities and

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